Tehachapi: A Hidden Gem in Plain Sight

Tehachapi HomeAt the base of an unknown mountain range ninety minutes from L.A. lies a four-season community where apples grow and neighbors know each others’ names. Horses mosey around backyard corrals and condors soar overhead. Locally owned businesses line the picturesque streets, and you don’t need to own a software company to afford Tehachapi CA real estate. In fact, the most difficult thing about Tehachapi is knowing how to say it.

Ta-HATCH-ap-ee. Now that that’s out of the way, what makes this community of 14,000 so special? At just under 4000 feet, Tehachapi is high and cool enough for fall color and the occasional sprinkling of snow, but most folks in Tehachapi CA homes leave the chains in the garage. Summers are long and comparatively mild, with temperatures mostly less than 90 and the occasional thunderstorm to keep things green. An island of sorts that stands between the desert and the Sierras, the Tehachapi Mountains run east to west, not north to south. From an ecological standpoint, this is a fascinating area, where species from various biosystems come together and the birding is unparalleled. Fishing, boating, and hiking trails provide the nature lover with lots of opportunities, making Tehachapi CA homes for sale very desirable properties.

Tehachapi CommunityWho lives in Tehachapi CA homes? Tehachapi’s people are a diverse lot, drawn from all over the country as well as from Kern County and the rest of the state. The area has its own school system, highly regarded with excellent test scores. The median age is 33, making the community evenly spread out from seniors to toddlers. As one of the largest wind producers in the nation, Tehachapi practices forward-looking environmental policies,and many people who buy Tehachapi CA real estate are scientists and technicians from nearby Edwards Air Force Base, former home of the space shuttle.

Tehachapi has two orchestras, a slew of art galleries, and a thriving theatre scene. Folk, rock, and country musicians give frequent concerts, and seasonal festivals always draw crowds. Railroad buffs around the world know about the Tehachapi Grade, an improbable twisting hill lined with tracks and tunnels. A masterpiece of engineering, the Tehachapi Grade made it possible to ship fruits and vegetables from the nearby San Joaquin Valley to points east, cementing California’s leadership as an agricultural state. Tehachapi itself has some of the most fertile soil around, and orchards flourish here. 

Since World War II, the area has grown by several orders of magnitude. Bear Valley and Stallion Springs, for example, are semiprivate communities with their own amenities such as golf courses and swimming pools. While some owners live in Bakersfield and use their homes during weekends or in summer, more and more see the value in Tehachapi real estate and are becoming full-time residents. 

Tehachapi HomeFor families looking for a more wholesome place to raise their children, for business professionals and entrepreneurs looking for new opportunities, or for empty nesters seeking an atmosphere that is both relaxing and stimulating, Tehachapi CA homes for sale have few equals on the West Coast. Take a moment to learn more about our community and browse through the MLS Listings and featured properties in Bakersfield, Taft and the surrounding Kern County area.

Judy Miller
Judy Miller
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